Larger photos & upcoming work


Website update & image size

I recently did some updates to my website with the help of the web agency Angry Creative. Larger photos, bug fixes and improved cleaner design.

The resolution on today’s displays are just getting higher and allows us to see more and more details on screen. I want people to see the amount of detail I put into my work. Nowadays I shoot all the material for my work with a Hasselblad H5D-40, it gives me very high detailed files but details that most people won’t be able to appreciate unless seeing my work printed. In the end I decided to increase the size of the photos on my website by 33%, from 900 pixels to 1200 pixels wide. It’s large enough to make a decent postcard sized print yourself but the original resolution is still about 6 times higher and those are details you will only see on a high quality print.

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Closing Out – Behind the Scenes

closing out - bts 2

Behind the scenes video of the making of my latest photo Closing Out. From sketch to final image in 97 seconds.

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Endless stories


An image created for The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden). By supporting cancer research more children can survive and fulfill their dreams, like for example reading all the books in the world.

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Landfall – Behind the Scenes

title landfall

About a year ago I shot the first material to the the image that would become Landfall. Although the final image contains about 230 layers it didn’t take me a year to make it. Instead I learned that liquid is very hard to work with. I wanted this image to turn out as realistic as possible and therefor I knew that I had to build a model of the scene and actually apply liquid to it. I do spend a lot time in photoshop but I always try to capture as much as I can in camera.

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Building Photoshop Computer


This post is about building a computer specialized for Photoshop. Perhaps a bit nerdy but I wanted to show you that it’s not that complicated.

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Volvo Art Session 2014


Volvo Art Session is a unique live art project taking place in Zurich’s main railway station. The event features selected Swiss and international artists.  Read the full article

Drifting Away – Behind the Scenes

drifting away

This is a project I’ve had in mind for a long time. I wanted to create a happy place within a bottle, drifting away. A few months ago I found a nice bottle at a flee-market in Berlin, when I saw it I knew that it was time to try to realize this project.

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Photoshop prank in Stockholm


Last Monday I did some live retouching of people waiting at a bus stop in Sweden. The event is part of the upcoming CreativeDay in Stockholm on Tuesday. I’m also invited as a speaker to the event and the talk will be available Live online on Tuesday here:

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Adobe MAX 2013

Adobe MAX 2013 © Adobe

Last week I spoke at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles about my work. I want to show that it’s all about the material you have to create something, not the camera itself but imagining how something could be captured. Capturing the imaginable and realizing the impossible, what you can imagine is what you can create. Have a look at the video below… Read the full article

Cut & Fold – Behind the Scenes

cut and fold

Behind the scenes video of my latest creation Cut & Fold, from shooting to final photo. The post production took about 15 (effective) hours, the clip contains a selection of that process played back at 80 times normal speed. Video was filmed and cut by me, music by Justice – New Lands (Falcon remix). Enjoy.

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