Photoshop prank in Stockholm

Last Monday I did some live retouching of people waiting at a bus stop in Sweden. The event is part of the upcoming CreativeDay in Stockholm on Tuesday. I’m also invited as a speaker to the event and the talk will be available Live online on Tuesday here:

But first have a look at the result of the Photoshop prank below:

  • Pat Morrissey


  • Erik González C.



  • Ryan Warda

    brilliant. how did you secure the model releases? i’m a film editor from los angeles. :)

  • Beauty Retouchers

    WOW! Amazing work.

  • Jeff Thomas

    I would love to know how you extracted the models out of the background so quickly.

  • Stephen Mangan

    Storyful News Agency is trying to contact you regarding your video. Can you check your YouTube inbox or email curator AT storyful DOT com? Regards and thanks, Stephen

  • Jess

    AMAZING! You are great indeed!! I would love to work with you one day…maybe in the future? :)

  • Gouchi

    great Work come from great Idea

  • mjusiqtube

    Ha ha… thanks for the laugh. Brilliant.

  • Jacob

    Brilliant, Buddy!!

  • Mirarkitty

    Awesome prank. I’m sad I missed it live – I pass this place almost every day. :)

  • Tom Jones

    How do you cut out the human images so easily?

    • Linemor

      Adobe Photoshop. Play,while U learn.Easy..and FUN,at the same time. You try it,and get hooked like me.. :)

  • Alejandra

    Amazing!! your gob is great :D

  • Ómár Ábóúlghásm

    Nice Work Bro ;)

  • Jurgen

    Wonderful idea, pls open a franchise or come to London…we could do with a happy magican. Which music did you use, I am trying to find the track….

  • Linemor

    A FANTASTIC start on a regular,trivial bus-fare.. MADE ME LAUGH,for quite a while..! :P You go,Eric! (And,people out there.. Watch out! YOU might be the next “pranksters victim”…LMAO. :) :P

  • MC

    Absolument génial.

    A voir tous les jours au réveil pour vous mettre de bonne humeur et rêver un peu.

  • lilou__b

    just saw the video and discovered your other work through that, at last some poetry in photoshop, i absolutely adore it!

  • Dejan Pleic

    wow…super Idea…thanks:)

  • Igor Salcko

    Eric, jag inser att mycket av dina skapelser gjorda med dator'' manuell, men … utan den talang de är värdelösa! Jag är i vördnad för din kreativitet och din fantasi! framgång! Hälsningar från Ukraina!

  • Khan

    Nice prant, really funny but Adobe photoshop is amazing, you are a Pro Erik,
    btw, where can I get the background music of this clip?
    Please let me know (

  • sadeep kumara

    wow… nice. great work.

  • Marco

    erik you’re a big … :)

  • jane kim


  • TheLastShillionaire

    I would love to know the details about the flat screen tv billboard and where I can purchase it.

  • Silvia Ubaldi

    You are a Genius!!! Congratulations

  • Adrián Velasco Ortiz

    the best, i like all you work :)

  • Alberto Rossi


  • Ade

    Perfect.,. Nice Mr..

  • Lori Jeanne

    I love it!

  • olivier schimpf

    Great Work! I like It

  • Monkey of Hope

    This is awesome. YEAH.

  • Jaokha

    Duktig du är, rolig att se leende på läpparna.

  • Tatty

    GREAT!! Your work is awesome, super creative and amazing. I love your ideas and your art! And this prank really made my day!