Skrapan illusion

In the summer of 2012 I was contacted by the event agency Awesome Project about doing a commissioned perspective illusion for the 5:th anniversary of the shopping gallery “Skrapan” in Stockholm, Sweden. Since it’s one of the tallest buildings in Stockholm they wanted to incorporate the 85 m view from the top of the building in the illusion. The idea was that it would be like standing on the top of the building looking out and down. I went to Stockholm to take measurements and do the necessary preparations. It was put up at the location 28:th September 2012 and will be up for a couple of weeks outside the gallery in Stockholm. If you’re in Stockholm in October, please come by and have a look for yourself!


skrapan mark

Unfortunately it was raining during the first day which made the ground look a lot darker than the print, but during dry conditions the ground should be much like the ground in the print. The print was made in two sections, one semi-transparent for the wall and one for the ground. The wall print measures 7,90 x 3,65 meters and the ground print 6,40 x 3,65 meters. Below you can see the result, if you would like to see more of the work behind it let me know and I’ll might do a behind the scenes movie as well. Have a look at the video at the bottom of this page for the best experience!


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  • Kersti Adler

    Wohoo, what an illusion! That is so well done! Thanks :)

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  • Tony Anastasi

    great work mate! very well done!

  • gusjo920

    It looks amazing! You are so talented! / K-dawg

  • Los Tres Pies Del Gato

    I am going to stockholm on nov 11th! it won’t be up at that time right?

  • Ganiaustria2012

    This is so cool

  • Ganiaustria2012
  • Fabian Tagle Palmino


  • Jamie Tanner

    Absolutely incredible! I would LOVE to see a behind the scenes video, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  • Print Place Blog

    When i started to imagine that i am the one who standing there, i felt nervous that i might got fall. huh… 

  • Alma

    I still say that your work is quite innovative—Alma

  • Hazem

    i would really love to see the behind the scene Videos :D

    Your work is a true inspiration to me 

  • Clinton Rodriguez

    Absolutely amazing! I had never heard you mention this. Congratulations! Hope the trip is going well!

  • jmloyzaga

    Absolutely incredible!

  • Rebecca

    how were you able to print that?

  • Carolain


  • Ash

    The most talented individual in the world! Amazing!!!

  • swag

    Erik Johansson you are my mentor. i really luv ur works, u r an incredible artist(photographer), really looking forward to be better than you tho.